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Drive employee engagement with ‘order ahead’

Our goal at Hampr is to use food and events to drive employee engagement, improve organisational culture and increase productivity.

We do this by empowering workplace Operations, Facilities and Culture teams with digital tools to seamlessly manage food and events, whilst saving time, effort and expense.

Hampr’s ‘Order Ahead’ tool is built to empower teams, employees and guests to select tailored meals ahead of time.

Each individual can customise their order to meet their specific dietary requirements and meal preferences. Meals arrive with each individual’s name, diet information and preference labelled on the packaging.

Built with organisations, for organisations

Hampr pioneered it’s ‘Order ahead’ tool in 2018 when some workplaces were struggling to predict the number of attendees for team lunches. Often these customers would over-cater which led to excess spend and food waste.

The tool was built initially to support these workplaces, however Hampr identified a significantly broader application when the COVID-19 pandemic brought about an unparalleled disruption to the modern working model.

During this time, Hampr’s ‘Order Ahead’ tool accelerated in popularity, with Hampr making some important product improvements to ensure the tool was equipped to handle the demands of a hybrid workforce.

Hampr further evolved the tool so that office administrators and organisers can easily select a food supplier and share a link with attendees to select their own meals ahead of time.

Benefits for the organiser

1. The right amount of food, every time

Organisers can empower their staff or guests to select their meals ahead of time, with the option to change or cancel their meal selections up to 24 hours before the delivery time.

2. Always meet correct dietary requests

Not meeting dietary requirements can place organisers under pressure during an event if people complain, and this can take away from the overall experience. Hampr’s ‘Order Ahead’ tool allows attendees to select meals that cater to their specific dietary requirements - and if nothing is readily available, they have the option to make a special request.

3. Full control, oversight & automation

Gain 360 degree view over all orders, deliveries and invoices, as well as the ability to track meal submissions, feedback, budget and spend. Meals can be managed with ‘auto-pilot’ mode through the Hampr platform. Everything from order updates, cancellations, special requests, order placement and cut-off times are managed by the platform - automatically.

Benefits for the Organisation

1. Incentive to connect at work

Offering food at the workplace goes a long way towards bringing your teams together at work. Food is a terrific incentive to encourage employees and guests to engage & connect with one another at the office.

2. Increase productivity & build company culture

Food and events are important for building a strong workplace culture and enhancing connectivity amongst employees and the organisation. Bring individuals together as a team, promote staff morale, raise motivation, and increase productivity!

Employees who eat their meals together do much better at forging bonds than those who choose to eat alone at home or skip lunch entirely. The simple act of eating together as a group can boost your team's morale and will definitely elevate your team.

3. Improve company bottom-line

Prevent over-ordering and under-ordering, saving money and eliminating food waste for the company, and ultimately improving their bottom line!

Benefits for attendees

1. Tailored meals to your preferences

It's easy to select from a wide range of quality options including Italian pasta, Chinese specialties, Indian curries, Mediterranean seafood and more! Add, edit or cancel meals at any time. Options to cover attendee dietary requirements, or make a special request directly from the supplier.

2. Feel valued by the organisation

When attendees are empowered to select their own meal for workplace activities, this makes them feel that they are valued by the organisation. This leads to a stronger sense of satisfaction and ultimately connection to the organisation.

3. Improved connections and collaboration

Enjoying meals with co-workers and clients is one of the best ways to build social capital and enhance interpersonal connections. This leads to greater collaboration and outcomes for individuals and workplaces.

How can you use 'Order Ahead' with Hampr?


Whether it’s a weekly recurring or a once-off meeting, you can use the ‘Order ahead’ tool to let your guests select their AM/PM tea’s, lunches and even dinners days or weeks ahead of time through a simple link that you can add into a calendar invitation.

Training & seminars

Running a training session over the course of a day or a week? Use the ‘Order ahead’ tool to let attendees select their options ahead of time. Whether it’s a morning tea break, catered lunch or afternoon tea.

Team meals

Host a staff breakfast, lunch or dinner for teams or individuals that are coming into the office. Staff can use the ‘Order ahead’ tool to select their meal options ahead of time for the days that they will be in the office.

Social & client events

Organising a social event in the middle of a pandemic can be very stressful, especially if you might not know how to go about organising food for the event. By using the ‘Order ahead’ tool, you can allow your guests and attendees to choose their meals prior to attending the event by attaching a simple link into a calendar invite. All meals are individually boxed with their names and dietary needs labelled.

Great for conferences, VIP events, local Roadshow events and office celebrations.

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