Culture as a service.

We're changing the whole game.


Our Mission

We're obsessed with providing customers with an exceptional experience when it comes to managing staff experiences. We direct this obsession to reducing friction when managing food and events at the workplace.

We are on a mission to build an intuitive and engaging platform that helps create great places to work.

Our Values

Do Great Things, Fast

We commit to being great at the things we do and doing them fast, without compromise.

Win Together

We bring our best, let go of egos, and work with empathy. Our achievements are always the results of not one, but many.

Customer Obsession

We fall in love with our customers problems, delivering excellence through every detail.

An Innovators Mindset

Believe in what does not yet exist. Do what most don't see - pragmatically.

we are strong.

Our team is always getting bigger, but we all work towards one goal:
To empower companies to manage exceptional experiences for their workplace.

We breed a strong culture of thinkers and makers and we stay true to our values by building strong relationships wit hour customers and ensuring that we are all on the same journey - together.

Hampr Co-founder & CEO Rizvi Mridha

Rizvi Mridha
Co-founder & CEO

"At Hampr we're passionate about creating amazing workplace cultures through food and events."

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