Why Red Lemon Thai Could Be The Perfect Choice For Your Next Event!

October 15 3 min read

Red Lemon Thai is Ultimo's finest yet most family-friendly Thai restaurant and catering service available. They have dedicated themselves to producing the finest dishes for their patrons while following Thai tradition and utilizing only the highest quality ingredients.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the service has adapted to ensure the safety and comfort of their patrons at every turn. Here are just a few of the reasons Red Lemon Thai could be the perfect catering choice for your next event.

Covid-19 Safety Standards

The food at Red Lemon Thai is exceptional in quality, but at the moment, they understand that safety is a customer's first priority. So, extra steps have been taken to ensure their patron's safety when conducting business with their restaurant.

First and foremost, the restaurant adheres to the highest food safety and hygiene standards at their establishment. The employees are frequently seen sanitizing surfaces, hands, and cooking utensils to maintain a clean and sterile work environment that prevents the spread of Covid-19 to employees and customers, and this is a standard they follow even during times of normality.

Secondly, for individuals ordering, each meal is individually packaged and labeled to protect customers from having to handle each other's food during group feasts. This greatly reduces the chance for illness to spread via cross contamination, and it is a step Red Lemon Thai takes very seriously at their own expense.

Exceptional Food Quality

Red Lemon Thai produces the finest Thai food in Ultimo, and some say the entirety of Australia. They have achieved this reputation by refusing to cut corners and only using the finest ingredients in each of their dishes. The freshest vegetables and highest quality cuts of meat are used in each dish; Along with noodles you will swear were made by a hand in Thailand due to their flavor, texture, and perfect preparation.

The ingredients are not what makes the food so delicious, though. Each dish is prepared by masters of Thai cuisine, and they are created with love, attention to detail, and a deep respect for Thai tradition. This ensures that the ingredients are used to their fullest potential, and the unique flavors of Thai cuisine are present in every dish.

A lot of herbs and spices are utilized in the dishes to bring the flavor of Thailand to Australia, and they are balanced beautifully to surprise the taste buds and leave you coming back for more.

Dedication To Customer Service

Red Lemon Thai sets itself apart from similar restaurants by maintaining the highest quality standards, but also maintaining customer service standards that are typically only present in locally-ran, casual, dining experiences. They aim to please the discerning Thai food aficionado, but they are also compassionate enough to provide the perfect family experience.

Home delivery is an option for patrons in the Ultimo service area, and the catering service is astounding. Red Lemon Thai puts in the extra effort to ensure that every dish they bring to a catered event is fresh, absolutely delicious, and up to par with the experience patrons have in their establishment. They are timely, courteous, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Red Lemon Thai Is The Prime Choice For Catering In Ultimo

The safety measures installed for the Covid-19 pandemic, high-quality food, and dedication to customer service makes Red Lemon Thai possibly the best catering option for any sort of event you may be having. From a fancy corporate party, to a family reunion, Red Lemon Thai is sure to impress at events of all kinds.

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