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Pantry services for your office kitchen

Fruit & Milk

Fruit & Milk

Farm fresh milk delivered fridge to fridge, and quality seasonal fruit straight to your office.

All fruit & vegetables are hand-picked, ripe and delivered ready to eat now. We source locally, supporting Australian fruit farmers.

Snack & Kitchen Supplies

Snack & Kitchen Supplies

Hampr gives you access to Australia's best office pantry suppliers. Whether it is healthy snacks, tea and coffee, breakfast cereal, beverages or anything in between.



From keeping the office fridge full to arranging a bespoke wine supply for the executive team, we’ve got it all covered.

Pantry solutions that make you smile

Office kitchen pantry shelves stocked with healthy snacks

Pantry Programs

Bread, beverages, biscuits, coffee, tea, snacks, alcohol; whatever you need for the office, we've got you covered. Automate a recurring or standing order and get peace of mind by never running out of office essentials again.

Managed Pantry Service

Each serviced office and kitchen arrangement is tailored to your specifications. We'll even refill your snacks weekly, cleaning supplies, biscuits and beverages. We manage your stock levels so you can focus on your role.

Snack Programs

We ensure that your staff are at their happiest whilst removing any facility administration headaches. From healthy snacks such as protein balls and popcorn, to chips and pretzels, we offer a range of office snacks to keep the munchies at bay.

How will hampr work for you?

Stay in control

Hampr's dashboard will give you full visibility over all orders, contents and spend. This birdseye view will help you manage orders, predict stock levels and stay on top of your budget.

Create recurring orders

Setup recurring or standing orders and gain peace of mind by never running out of office kitchen essentials.

Tailored to your needs

Setup a pantry service that is tailored to your specific requirements. From a simple door delivery through to a custom program that includes stocktake and managed inventory control.

Hey it's Hampr here.Your pantry order for next week is now live and ready to go!
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That's amazing! I love how I can see my fruit, milk, bread, tea/coffee and snacks all in one place.

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Improve employee wellbeing and maintain morale



A successful pantry program can lead to happier employees (no more hangry workers!). This sparks flourishing interpersonal relationships among the team, breaking down barriers and encouraging people to value their colleagues and company.



Eating healthy is one of the best ways to ensure your energy levels are high and your productivity is at its best. Food fuels performance!! Pantry programs are a sound investment for businesses, since uninterrupted work is the foundation for increased productivity.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Food is a vital tool in the fight against poor mental health. It's well known that proper nutrition and mental well-being go hand-in-hand, but only recently have companies integrated food as a part of their wellness strategy.

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