Coronavirus (COVID 19) Resources & Updates

Prioritising Community Health and Safety

As COVID 19 continues to affect communities around Australia, it is important to consider the impact on office environments.

Human coronaviruses are spread in a similar way to the flu (influenza), when someone either comes into close contact with another who is infected or by coming into contact with a contaminated surface or object.

In order to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all workplaces we recommend reviewing processes & procedures regarding ordering and handling of food at meetings and events.

High risk activities

Coughing / sneezing near open food stations

Large gathering of people

Congregation of people where food is served

Virus particle

Food contamination during service setup

Tips for safely managing catered meetings & events

Minimise large gatherings

Contact-less deliveries

Individually packaged meals

Promote good hygiene

Keep meeting room doors open

Accessible hand sanitisers & anti-bacterial wipes

Hampr's best practice guidelines

We have taken extra precautions by collaborating with our suppliers to treat the COVID19 threat seriously, and identify decisive steps that ensure and promote enhanced practices and procedures around operational health, safety and hygiene. We have vetted a number of our partners to follow these specific food guidelines.

Kitchen staff travelling abroad to quarantine themselves for 14 days before returning to work.

Kitchen staff exposed to confirmed or suspected coronavirus cases will not return to work for 14 days.

Food handlers will use all relevent measures as per food safety standards in their state/territory.

Food suppliers will actively monitor health of staff, and those who are feeling unwell will not be permitted to work.

Kitchen staff who fall ill are required to provide a medical certificate outlining they are safe to return to work.

Kitchen staff & delivery drivers are required to wash their hands regularly using soap/hand sanitiser.

All delivery drivers are required to sanitise their hands prior to picking up and & delivery food at all times.

All kitchen staff are required to wash/sanitise their hands prior to entering the kitchen.

Order with confidence

The following caterers have have displayed outstanding efforts implementing best practice health and hygiene procedures.

Stay informed

If you have any further concerns or questions please reach out to our friendly customer care team on 800 120 7164. Or send us an email at